GBL Season

Typical GBL season

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The GBL season runs simultaneously with the Middle school and High school Basketball season.

  • Regular season: 7 weeks/ 14 games (From mid-November thru January)
  • Playoff season: Average 3 playoff games, up to 5 including final four games and the championship game. (Ends by mid-February – 2 to 3 weeks of games)

GBL Games

Games are held on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) with one game played on each day. Saturday games are played as early as 9:00 am and as late as 5:00 pm. Sunday games are played as early as 1:00 pm and as late as 6:00 pm. On rare occasions, there may be times when two games are played in one day. In the playoffs, there will be some games on Friday evening.

GBL Venues

Games are hosted at Suwanee Sports Academy (Suwanee, GA) and at several of the surrounding Gwinnett County High Schools each weekend during the season.