Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Shiloh GBL in charge of creating the game schedule?

The Director and Coaches for the Shiloh GBL are not responsible for creating team schedules. This is done entirely by the GBL board.

2. Does Shiloh GBL decide what gym and court we play on?

The Shiloh GBL does not control game locations, nor do we determine which basketball court we will play on. This is determined by the GBL board. Some games are played at Suwanee Sports Academy and some games are held at several of the High Schools within Gwinnett county area.

3. Will Shiloh GBL participate in a Jamboree or Preseason Games?

We are not required to participate in any preseason Jamboree. It is at the discretion of the GBL Director and Coaches whether Shiloh participates or not. Decisions are based on each team’s situation. Participation in these Jamborees has a nominal cost for team registration.

As an option, coaches may arrange games against other teams on their own. Games will typically take place during normal practice hours in a controlled environment with no additional cost. Player injury is always a concern and it plays a role in the decision to play games at practices and jamboree participation.

4. Are practices mandatory?

Yes. Players are expected to show up for every team practice. Coaches will go over skills, plays, and game plans that will be used in actual game time. If your child misses practice, he or she may not be prepared to play and lose playing time as a result.

5. Are there player “play-time” rules?

Just as in Middle school or High School, there are no minimum playing time rules for Shiloh GBL.  The player “play-time” rule (equal distribution of playing time) applies to the recreational league and not the GBL. The Coaches will determine each players playing time. Furthermore, there is no minimum playing-time rule.

Playing time is earned through performances in practice and in actual games. It is also determined based on the best player for the team at the moment. If a player misses practice, he/ she may miss playing in the game entirely due to lack of knowing the game plan or plays.

Note: Playing time is not guaranteed and is at the coaches discretion. Parents and athletes desiring a league where they are guaranteed playing time should look to recreational basketball leagues.

6. Can a player play-up a grade level?

Yes, the decision for a player to play up is at the discretion of the cluster Director and coaches.

Girls: 5th grade teams may be comprised of any combination of 5th graders or below up to the maximum of 15 players on the roster. 6​th and 7​th​ grade teams will be permitted up to 5 players playing up.

Boys: 5th grade teams may be comprised of any combination of 5th graders or below up to the maximum of 15 players on the roster. 6​th and 7​th ​grade teams will be permitted up to 4 players playing up.